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Cheater Articles

Jones gives Green a bad wrap

ROY JONES JNR has demanded his knockout loss to Danny Green be overturned to a disqualification victory, citing illegal use of hand wraps while comparing the situation to his gold medal robbery in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Agassi reveals another drug incident

A SEQUEL to Andre Agassi's explosive drugs revelation has emerged in a second extract from his coming book, with the suggestion that his father, Mike, supplied amphetamines to Agassi before a match in a tournament in Chicago.

Plenty To Fill Void When Britney Takes Sabbatical

IS KATE MOSS the new Britney Spears? Quite possibly, if this week's mags are to be believed. News is that Moss has reunited with her seriously demented former boyfriend: the druggie, cheater and aspiring criminal Pete Doherty.

Getting In With Fast Company

The cheater is the swiftest of mammals - far faster and with a greater sense of self-preservation than the Acinonyx Jubatus, or common cheetah.

Kill Or Be Killed

Jacqueline Hinchcliffe was in thrall to her husband, a committed Coffin Cheater. Neil Mercer tells their story.